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From: Melissa Carmichael
Subject: Fun on a bus Part 2We rehearsed for two weeks, finally putting together a two hour show. The music
was a mixture of loud and exciting on the one hand, and dreamy, sensual and
romantic on the other. Darren had written a lot of the songs with Danny. The
lyrics were sometimes obscure, with occasional vague references to bisexual and
transvestite fantasies. There were rumours that Darren was bisexual and that he
liked to dress up as a girl. He was certainly pretty enough.
Danny was a wild guitar player. Onstage he wore dark eyeliner, silvery-blue
eyeshadow and glossy rose lipstick. He seemed to love Bobby and me. He would do
daring stuff like coming up beside me during his solos and putting his face
close to mine as we played so our long hair mingled together. It was a thrill
feeling such Lolita Porn a pretty boy so close to me. He did the same thing with Darren and
Bobby too.
We all tried to outdo each other in femininity, wearing tight, sexy velvet or
satin pants and little girly tops. Danny looked so cute in a cami. He had
beautiful slender shoulders and skinny little arms. Bobby and I started wearing
heavier eye makeup and glossier lipstick, following Danny and Darren's lead.
We did our first gig together in Miami. It was full of mistakes but you could
hardly notice them the girl fans were squealing so loud. They loved us.
We did shows in Tampa, Orlando, Gainesville and Jacksonville. We were gaining
strength and fans too. Some of them seemed to be following us; I recognized
several girls and boys who had been at previous gigs. Several of the boy fans
who had longer hair were starting to look quite pretty, copying our style by
putting on lipstick and eye makeup.
The next gig was in Atlanta. Bobby and I went to the shopping mall to buy some
new, girly stage outfits. We took a cab over to the gig early to try them on. We
were in Lolita Porn the dressing room alone together. I stripped off my T-shirt and put on a
beautiful violet camisole I had found in the teen girl's department at
Bloomingdales. It was made of lycra, very fem, with little silver hearts all
over it. It was a girl's size eight but it fitted my skinny body perfectly.
"I like that," said Bobby, "it suits you."
Bobby tried on a skimpy girl's blouse he had bought. It was pink with short
sleeves and lots of pretty satin frills. There were pink buttons all down the
front, most of which he had left open, showing a lot of his beautiful, smooth
young chest."What do you think?" he asked.
I checked him out. I had never seen him looking quite so feminine. His beautiful
golden hair fell in soft waves over the pretty blouse. The short frilly sleeves
showed off his slender, girlish arms perfectly. He had soft rose lipstick on and
he looked adorable. I felt an overwhelming desire to kiss him. I took his hand
and drew him gently towards me.
"Chrissie," he said, with Lolita Porn a surprised look in his beautiful soft brown eyes,
"You look lovely," I said, "just like a girl."
I put my hands on his small waist.
"I feel girly," he said simply.
I looked at his soft, red, pouting mouth. I was dying to kiss his lips.
"Remember my apartment?" I said, re-living the delicious sexy kisses he had
given me.
"Yes," he said, "but we were drunk."
"One little kiss," I said, "close your eyes and imagine I'm Leila."
I pulled Bobby close to me and he obediently closed his pretty eyes, slipping
his arms naturally around my neck like a girl. I kissed him lightly on the lips.
His mouth felt divine, so soft and moist, touching mine. He kissed me back
softly. I held his slender boy's body tenderly and kissed his lips again,
lingering, tasting his lipstick. Slowly our lips parted, and our tongues slid
easily into each others mouths in a delicious, sensual french kiss. I could
taste his lipstick. I pulled him gently closer to me and I felt our cocks
rubbing together through the thin material of our pants. We kissed for a long
time; a gorgeous, wet, sexy, girly kiss. His lithe young body seemed to melt
into mine. I was getting unbelievably aroused by this pretty little boy. I felt
my cock stiffening inside my pants. Bobby's was getting hard too, I could feel
it. I slid my hands down his body and felt the soft, round curves of his bottom
through the thin satin of his pants. He didn't seem to mind, in fact he pressed
himself into me even more and slipped his tongue deep into my mouth.
Eventually we broke our kiss. I looked into his pretty brown eyes.
"I love kissing you," Bobby Lolita Porn
said, "you do kiss much better than Leila does."
"I think I love you," I said, still caressing his lovely soft bottom.
"You just want me for my body," Bobby said.
We both burst into a fit of giggles and separated, a little embarrassed.
Suddenly I heard a noise and looked around. Melissa and Rachel were standing in
the doorway, smiling.
"Hi boys," said Rachel, "you're here early."
I wondered how much they had seen. Bobby was blushing furiously, making him look
even more adorable.
"We were..." I stammered, feeling embarrassed.
Melissa was staring, open-mouthed, at Bobby, dressed in his exquisitely feminine
"We bought some new outfits," Bobby said, "what do you think?"
"Bobby, you look gorgeous," Melissa said, "I'm jealous."
"You both look beautiful," said Rachel, "that colour really suits you Chrissie."
She put down her bag, came over to me and fluffed out my hair. She had on a
loose-fitting, low-cut blouse. I looked down it and I could see her small, sexy
tits. She noticed me looking and smiled coyly. She knew I fancied her and she
loved teasing me.
"I got you some nice eyeshadow and lipstick for you for tonight," she said,
"I'll work on you later. I have some ideas."
Lately Rachel had started making me up for the show, as she was much Lolita Porn better at
it than I was. As she picked up her bag and walked out, I wondered what she had
planned for me.
Melissa went over to Bobby.
"You look soooo pretty Bobby," she said, "give me a kiss."
I was a little surprised as I had got the impression that Melissa preferred
"I thought you didn't like boys Melissa," I said cheekily.
"I don't like normal boys," she said, "I love boys who look like girls."
She took Bobby's hands in hers and kissed his lips softly, lingering awhile.
Bobby was blushing even more.
"Heaven," she said.
She Lolita Porn turned to me and smiled prettily.
"Chrissie, you look gorgeous too," she said.
She came and kissed me on the mouth too. Her lips were full, soft and red. I had
wanted to kiss her for weeks; she had the sexiest lips I had ever seen.
"Delicious," she said.
Rachel came back in the dressing room holding a peach-coloured top, which looked
like it was made of chiffon. She put it on the chair next to me.
"I got this for you," she said, smiling at me.
"Wow," I said, "thank you Rachel."
I picked up the flimsy, diaphanous garment and held it to my face. It felt soft
and feminine.
"I'm going back to the hotel for a while," Rachel said, "see you later Lissy."
"OK sweetheart," said Melissa.
I watched as Rachel kissed Melissa full on the mouth. They were definitely more
than just good friends.
"You look beautiful Bobby," she said on her way out, "no wonder Chrissie likes
you so much."
She exited with a cheeky smile. Melissa gave me a knowing look. They must have
seen Bobby and me kissing.
"We love girly boys," she said, "that's why we wanted to join this band."
Melissa decided to stay and she helped Bobby put on eye makeup and some sexy red
lipstick she had bought for him.
"I saw it and I thought of you," she said, expertly applying the lipstick to his
lips.Bobby sat meekly and let her transform him into a pretty girly boy.
I held up the top Rachel had bought me. It was like a loose, frilly camisole,
open down the front. I slipped off my cami and put it on. The material felt
gorgeously sexy on my bare skin. The open front was edged with pretty frills all
the way down to my waist, where there was one button. There were more frills
along the little shoulder straps. On a girl it would have been dangerously
revealing. It was outrageously feminine. I loved it.
"What do you think Melissa?" I asked her.
"God, Chrissie, you look absolutely lovely," said Melissa, "you've got to wear
that tonight."
She came over to me and took one delicate frill between her fingers.
"It's wide open," she said, "it shows of your lovely sexy chest."
"I need some pants to match it," I said.
Melissa looked at me, her pretty head tilted.
"You need a skirt with that," she said, smiling, "and some sexy stockings."
I felt a wild, exhilarating feeling in my body at the thought of dressing up
completely as a girl. I felt myself blushing furiously.
"What, on stage tonight? I think that might be going too far," I said.
Melissa took my hands in hers and squeezed it very gently.
"I'd love to dress you up properly sometime," she said.
She kissed me full on the lips.
"Chrissie you're so feminine, I love you," she said, and kissed me again, a wet,
soft kiss.
That night in Atlanta was wild. Danny came over to me in "Forbidden Love" as
usual and put his pretty face close to mine. We knew we looked like girls with
our eye makeup and lipstick. He was playing a slow, haunting solo. In the middle
of it he surreptitiously whispered "Chrissie, kiss me," in my ear.
I was taken by surprise but I rose to the occasion. We both turned to each other
and our lips touched briefly in a sweet little kiss. The girls at the front
squealed. I felt my heart pounding. It was such a sexy moment.
We did two encores and walked offstage to rapturous applause.
"We conquered Atlanta," said Danny as we walked back to the dressing room.
He put his arm around me and hugged me. I turned and looked at his pretty Lolita Porn
his dark, sexy eyes and his sweet little Lolita Porn
mouth. I wanted to kiss him but I felt
suddenly shy. I hoped he would kiss me again onstage.
When we got back into the dressing room, Darren slipped off the sexy gold blouse
he had worn on stage and came over to me, naked to the waist.
I found myself staring at his beautiful, slender chest and his cute nipples.
"I saw that kiss," he said, "it was hot. Keep it in."
He smiled, and to my surprise he gave Lolita Porn me a little kiss on the mouth. His lips
felt lovely and soft. I felt my heart flutter. He went over to Danny and kissed
him too, a longer, more intimate kiss. I got the feeling they had kissed before.
"Girls love to see boys kissing," he said, grinning.
John poked his head in the dressing room door.
"Come on girls," he said, "it's eleven-thirty. We need to get going. You can
change on the bus."If you like this story please email me at sweetlissy2001yahoo.co.uk
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